Setting Up Your Community Join Questionnaire


As you’re setting your community, you may be wondering what the Join Questionnaire is and what does it do for your community. We’ll explain all of that for you here, as well as how you go about setting it up in your community.

What is the Join Questionnaire?

The join questionnaire is the quick 2-3 question survey that your community members complete after registering for the community. The answer options for each question are preselected for the users so they do not have to spend a lot of time thinking of answers. They simply click on which options apply to them and continue on into the community.

join questionnaire mockup

Why is the Join Questionnaire Important?

The Join Questionnaire sets the foundation for your entire community. First, the Join Questionnaire segments your users into different user types based on their answers. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of who actually makes up your crowd. Second, your community members’ answers will be added to their profile as Tags. As a content creator, you are able to handpick which tags you want to add to your post to target specific user types. Targeting users with these tags gives you the ability to create personalized brand experiences for your community members. You can find more information about the Content Targeting System in the Resources section.

How Do I Set It Up?

The typical format for the Join Questionnaire is 2-3 questions. The content and the number of questions is customizable by the community administrator. The Questionnaire usually consists of one question used to identify users based on a title or some other identifying characteristic within the community followed by one or two questions related to users’ personal interests or skills.

Question 1: Member Title

Example Question: “I’m best described as…” or “My title is…”

Answers: Up to 5 options as a best practice

Question 2 & 3: Skills & Interests

Example Questions: “My skills are…” and/or “My interests are…”

Answers: Usually 5-10 options as a best practice

After you have taken some time to think about what questions and answers you would like to use, please contact your Success Manager to finalize your community’s Join Questionnaire.