How to Add the Community Widget to Your Website

After you have launched your community, it is essential to make your community easily accessible for your audience. Along with your mobile app, Memeni gives you the ability to add a widget to your website that provides 1-click access to your community. Adding the community widget will help make your website more social and increase time spent on your site!

community widget mockup

Take a look at the simple instructions below to add your widget:

1)  Community Settings

Open the Community Settings page by clicking on the wheel icon located at the top of your community’s homepage.

Community widget settings

2) Editing mode

Once you are in the Community Settings page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Edit” button.

Community settings

3) Copy the embed code

After enabling the Editing mode, find the field labeled “Client Website Integration” and copy embeddable code.

Community Widget Code

4) Installing the code In your website

The script provided by Memeni should be placed anywhere in your site’s HTML. The community widget is loaded asynchronously in a non-blocking way so it doesn’t slow down your site. If you’re having trouble installing the community widget on your site, send us an email or contact us using our chat and we’d be happy to help!

Please note that prior to your launch you will be able to preview your newest widget, just click on the preview link. The widget will only be visible on your site after you have launched your community.

5)  Your work here is done! You’ve now embedded the community widget onto your website or blog.