Sarona Case Study

What Is Sarona Market?

Sarona Market is an innovative, contemporary urban market that serves as the heartbeat of Israeli culinary artOn an area of 8,700 square meters with 91 shops, stalls and restaurants of all categories, it is Israel’s largest, most unique indoor culinary complexIn its central Tel Aviv location, Sarona Market attracts thousands of customers every dayAdditionally, the market also regularly hosts culinary events ranging from cooking classes to wine tastings to chef demonstrations.

We chose Memeni because it answered all our needs. We knew that we could grow our digital marketing group with their platform and the team behind it. – EVP, Sarona Market
Sarona Case Study








Why Memeni?

Sarona Market knew they needed to create a digital presence to take advantage of their growing customer base. With a branded community, they were able to create more engagement opportunities and develop a stronger customer database.

Mobile Community



Mobile Community

Web & Mobile App

Mobile Community


We have been blown away by the success that we have seen within the first few weeks of using Memeni. Their platform has given us the data we need to better serve our customers along with engaging content capabilities. – EVP, Sarona Market




Collecting user data to better understand their customers’ demographics and preferences


Effectively market their vendors and events


Drive more business to their vendors with coupons


With Memeni’s audience engagement platform, Sarona Market has launched their own white-labeled mobile app and web communities to solve all of these problems.


Collecting User Data

Through app downloads and comprehensive user activity tracking, Sarona Market is able to collect important user data from their community. Now, they can understand which user types gravitate to certain vendors or events.
In just three weeks, their app already has over 1,000 downloads.

Mobile Community
Mobile Community

Customers Preferences

Furthermore, Sarona Market is now able to analyze their customers’ preferences for both coupon offerings and content with MemeniIn the future, they can tailor their offerings, events, and marketing efforts based on the collected data.

Driving Business Through Coupons

In an effort to drive more business to their vendors, Sarona Market decided to allow their vendors to post coupons for exclusive offerings on their app. In just 3 weeks of using the app, there were 45 coupons posted and 1,210 coupon downloads!

Mobile Community

Quick Results, Continued Success

Sarona Market was able to see great results immediately after launching their app with Memeni. They now have a better understanding of their audience complemented by the ability to quickly act on their data and insights with Memeni’s user-friendly platform. Along with Memeni’s advanced technology and community management support, Sarona Market will be able to leverage their mobile app and web community to drive business for years to come.