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What Is Startup Live?

Startup Live is a startup network based out of Vienna, Austria, and has grown to over 35 locations around Europe. The network hosts events and challenges to connect entrepreneurs and give them an opportunity to showcase their work. In addition, Startup Live brings in investors and mentors to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals

Memeni gives us the ability to connect our community members of startups, mentors, & investors not only during our events but also online 24/7 – CEO, Startup Live

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Why Memeni?

Startup Live realized they had a great network set up in their in-person events, but there was a severe drop-off in engagement in between events. Thus, they decided they wanted to create an online network of startups, investors, and mentors to complement their in-person events.

Mobile Community

Professional Networking Group


Mobile Community

Web & Mobile App

Mobile Community


Memeni’s Challenge tool has given us the ability to effectively run startup competitions online. This has generated more interest in our competitions and growth of our network.





Collecting user data to better understand their members’ demographics and interests


Manage events and run online startup competitions in the community


Improve communication throughout the network with a central community hub


With Memeni’s audience engagement platform, Startup Live has launched their own white-labeled mobile app and web communities to solve all of these problems.


Host Online Startup Competitions

Startup Live has been able to use the Challenge feature to host their startup competitions in their digital community. The startup competitions have led to increased community engagement and growth.

The accompanying graph outlines the early growth trends of the Startup Live community. Each spike in the graph is linked to a week when they ran a challenge in the community.  

startup live growth

Increase Member Connections & Communication

Startup Live found that while they had great engagement amongst their members at events, it was difficult to keep that engagement going in between events. Their community now gives them a place to easily stay connected. Plus, Memeni’s matching system actively pairs members with shared interests to foster new connections and collaboration.

Improve Organization Communications

The Memeni platform gave Startup Live a central place to communicate with their members. Now, they can easily post important announcements within the community and notify their members through push notifications and email newsletters. Additionally, members have the ability to direct message individual members within the community for more private conversations.

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Quick Results, Continued Success

Startup Live has had a successful start to their community. In fact, their last Challenge grew the community by 105% with 1,800 new community members. Moving forward, Startup Live will continue to use Memeni to host startup competitions and encourage collaboration among its members. Finally, they are now able to foster organic growth of their community and create more engagement outside of their regular offline events.