Online Communities That Engage Your Audience

Memeni is an online community engagement platform that works with your existing website and social media channels to deliver a personalized experience of your brand to each member of your audience - without needing to pay to reach them.

A private social community that becomes the center of your digital world

Memeni offers all of the features you need to better understand and engage with your audience.

Engagement Tools

Content features like videos, coupons, challenges, and events help you develop a rich profile for each member of your community.


Personalized Brand Experiences

No more spamming your audience - our proprietary algorithm delivers only the most targeted content to each member of your community based on their interests.

Private Messaging

Allow community members to engage with one another - your brand is at the center of it all.

Extended organic reach

Drive traffic to your own app or website, rather than a third party site. Your community is a growth tool.

Access From Anywhere

With Memeni, your audience is never out of reach.

Fully-branded mobile apps (iOS & Google Play)

Desktop browsers

Mobile browsers

Integrates with your existing website

Connects and publishes to social media

Social media builds "followers." Memeni builds meaningful relationships with your audience members.

By now you've probably noticed that your social media posts are only reaching about 5% of your audience. A Facebook page is a great place to spend advertising dollars but not a great place to build a community. Memeni's platform give you tools to build and engage an audience that you actually own.

White-Label Solution

Enjoy a fully branded community with a custom domain. Members will search for your app name and see your logo in the App Store.

Gather Data

Collect valuable data on your audience when they join, and every time they engage with your community. Who should own your audience data - you, or Facebook?

A Single Brand Channel

Memeni integrates with your existing website and social media channels to drive visitors to your community, rather than a third party website or social media platform.

Increase Revenues

Now that you own the data and advertising space, leverage our monetization tools to increase revenues.

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