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Build Relationships, Not Profiles

Create Your Brand’s Collaborative Community in Seconds


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This is what social marketing should be

Social networks were supposed to be places for brands to engage with their audiences and develop their businesses. Instead, it’s just about collecting “likes” on a business page, and to reach those “likes” you need to pay to sponsor your posts.

Memeni makes it easy to build and own a branded community – without your IT department.
In just seconds, you’ll own a white-label community, connected to your website, with access to full data and powerful monetization tools.

Memeni, it’s Real-ationship Marketing

Smart brands have begun to create powerful relationships with their crowd. Instead of just showing ads they create something people actually care about and deliver real value to their audience. That’s real relationship marketing – and we call it Real-ationship Marketing.

It’s about doing something bigger than your brand, something that makes a difference. Give your followers their voice back and truly connect to your audience.
The conversation is changing, don’t get left behind.


Build a Community, Grow your Brand

Easy Peasy

Effortlessly manage your members & content. Save time with our dashboard  and automated community management tools.

Reintroducing: Your ROI

Increase revenues with our smart monetization model.

Auto-sharing is caring

Memeni fully integrates with your existing social media, so you can display and control everything in one place.

Go on, Take Credit

Our white-label solution means a custom network tailor-made for your brand.

Everything you need

Personalized feed, events, target audience, private messaging, polls, discussions, and job listings.

Everything you want

Challenges, announcements, fundraising, special offers, and much more.

Get Inspired: Tel Aviv Startup City

In the City of Tel Aviv’s vibrant startup community you’ll find entrepreneurs, investors, multi-nationals, and many others sharing opportunities and networking. This collaborative community enables the City of Tel Aviv to provide value for its local ecosystem, better target their communications, and strengthen its brand as a leading startup city.

Community Tools

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  • Up to 5,000 Members Social Media Publishing and Management Full Suite of Engagement Tools custom Tags and Matching System Email Support Resource Center -Setup Specialist -Monetization Capabilities -Custom Website Domain -Success Manager -Branded Mobile Application -Custom Integration


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  • Unlimited Members Social Media Publishing and Management Full Suite of Engagement Tools Custom Tags and Matching System Email and Phone Support Resource Center Setup Specialist Monetization Capabilities Custom Website Domain Success Manager Branded Mobile Application Custom Integration


Memeni is a powerful tool for brands and companies to create a valuable online community with 100% reach.
Memeni’s solution is quick to set up and very easy to operate and monitor, helping the brand to reach its target audience better, position and differentiate itself, and get better impact and higher revenues.