Coupons & Promotions


Offer your community members special offers and coupons

which can be delivered with limited time and quantity.

This is a great way to convince visitors to sign-up for your

community, submit their personal data, and invite their

friends to join via social media or email. Your community

gives them access to exclusive offers, and all comments,

likes, and shares are real-time synced with your brand’s

Facebook page.

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Untitled-14_04 Targeting

Content Targeting System


Memeni uses a proprietary algorithm to deliver
a targeted feed of content specific to each individual
in your community. Using our community-specific
custom tagging system, new posts can be targeted
to specific members based their skills, interests,
sectors, or any other characteristic that you choose.
This helps find the most relevant members for
each new piece of content minimizing spam and
increasing audience retention and engagement.

Publish to Social Media


Publish your content to all of your social media

channels with a single click. Memeni connects with

your existing website and social media channels,

putting your brand’s community at the center of
your interactions with your audience. Not only
does this help you save time, but it directs
social media traffic back into your community so
you can gather valuable data, increase organic
reach, and keep your audience engaged.

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Untitled-14_11 Challenges



Launch competitions, give away prizes, and enjoy

viral community growth. Challenges have three
stages: Submission Stage (during which people can
enter the competition), Voting Stage (each person
that entered the competition tries to get as many votes
as possible, this the most viral stage as audience

members share their entry on social media, via

email, etc), and the Announcement Stage

(where winners are announced). All contestants

can be prompted to fill out forms, upload images

and videos, and upload files. All comments,

likes and shares are real-time synced with your

brand’s Facebook page.

Keep Your Audience Updated


Invite people to join the community by uploading a
CSV file with your contacts or manually entering email
addresses. This invitation features a beautifully
designed and customizable email template.

You no longer have to waste valuable time sending
generic newsletters to your email lists. Each week the
community automatically sends a unique,
personalized newsletter to each member of the
community. This includes relevant posts, upcoming
events, and recommended connections based on the
member’s unique profile and tags.

Untitled-14_05 Notifications

Untitled-14_10 Listings



Listings allow you to ask the audience for something
specific and manage a list of people that have offered to
help. The call-to-action on this post is “I can help”
enabling a variety of different use cases. You can search
for a specific type of person like a designer, find
volunteers, an item, an introduction, and much more.
You’ll have the ability to conduct private conversations
with people that offer to help and approve them
individually. All comments, likes and shares are
real-time synced with brand’s Facebook page.

Advanced Dashboard


An administrative dashboard keeps you informed of audience activity, member connections, and much more.

Using Memeni’s dashboard you’ll get important insights on your community’s behavior, needs and the content that drives audience engagement.

Untitled-14_14 Admin Deshboard

Untitled-14_07 posts

Posts & Discussions


This is a standard post, similar to what you’d create on
social media. You can share images, videos, and links
(with built-in link preview). People can like, comment, &
reply to comments. All comments, likes, and shares are
real-time synced with brand’s Facebook page.

Desktop & Facebook App


Your brand’s private white-labeled solution empowers your members with extraordinary opportunities for browser-based engagement. A fully responsive solution, your branded social platform can be used on any screen size or device with internet access.You get exposure in facebook search results and improved calls to action.

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Untitled-14_02 Mobile

Mobile App


Memeni allows you to launch a custom,
fully branded audience engagement app in less
than a week without requiring custom mobile app
development. Send push notifications, sync your
calendar, or send private messages to audience members.



Create events within the community. These can be

linked to any external events system including

Eventbrite, Meetup, Facebook events, etc. All

comments, likes, and shares are real-time synced
with your brand’s Facebook page.

Untitled-14_09 Events